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SJR-012 - Accelerators - Accelerators - 12''/12''/CD (2009)
SJR-012 -  Accelerators - Accelerators
1 - Ready Set Go
2 - The Rain
3 - Im Not Sorry
4 - Got Kicked In The Front Of My Head
5 - Three Crosses Street
6 - All Eyes On The Fire
7 - Go Get Your Brain Checked
8 - Borrowed Time
9 - Ok By Me
10 - Stab You Till You Bleed No More
11 - 30000 Cigarettes
12 - We Dont Know What To Say
Here are the Accelerators with the debut album, Its everything you would expect from one of the best bands to come out of Holland.Fast, Snotty and full of attitude. To top it of Kepi Ghoulie (Groovie Ghoulies) and Dan Vapid (Screeching Weasel, Methadones and Riverdales) helps out with some vocals

Squinty Joe Records are very proud to be working with Stardumb Records on this project. So please visit www.stardumbrecords.com and get ordering!

Pressing Info:
10 Test Pressings
250 Black vinyl
250 White With Black Splatters
500 Digi-pak Cds


sold out

SJR-011 - The Grizzley Ends - The Unfortunate Demise Of ... - CD/7''/Square 8'' (2009)
SJR-011 - The Grizzley Ends - The Unfortunate Demise Of ...
01 - She Smells Of Sea Shells
02 - Nostalgia Wimp
03 - Cement Your Social Circle
04 - Vitamin Ace - mp3
05 - Old Rope
06 - End Of The World
07 - I Know You Want Me Dead
08 - One Nil
09 - Keep It Together - mp3
10 - ???
11 - Paul Is The Drummer
The Grizzley Ends like to do things a bit different, They dont care about expenses which is why they wanted two seperate very very limited runs of records and a cd pressing! Only 60 of the clear 7" records and around and if your one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the clear square 8" record limited to only 20. WELL DONE, Im sure everyone else will be happy with the CD.

The Grizzley Ends take a more British approach to pop punk, playing their mid 90's style music which you should recognise from their split with Capguns 'N' Coke.

Not To Be Missed, hopefully this record will give them the recognition they truly deserve!!

sold out

SJR-010 - The Manges - Rocket To Hollywood - 12'' (2009)
SJR-010 - The Manges - Rocket To Hollywood
01 - Secret Agent In East Berlin
02 - Barrage Of Hate
03 - Havana Affair
04 - Vengeance Is Mine
05 - Oh, Mary!
06 - She's A Punk
07 - My Direction
08 - I Don't Wanna Live In Hell
09 - I'm A Monkey
10 - My Rifle
11 - The Only Cool Girl In Ladbroke Grove
12 - Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
13 - Wonder Wheel
14 - Blame Game
15 - Ten Shots
The Manges bring a ton of energy and excellent musicianship with them every time they take a stage. Much like their heroes the Ramones they make every live show count. This live album plays more like a greatest hits or best of album - all hits without any misses. There are a couple of Ramones covers thrown in for good measure, of course. Rocket To Hollywood was recorded during the summer of 2007 at Safari Sams in Hollywood, CA while on their third tour of the states, this time with The Queers and The Methadones. It was a great show start to finish and this recording captured the fun-loving spirit of the night perfectly.

We are very pleased to work together with The Manges, Its Alive Records, Cheap Skate Records and PeaBrain Records to get this record up and running!

Pressing Information:
500 LP's
4 Test Pressings
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SJR-009 - The Accelerators / The Zatopeks - Split - 7'' ()
SJR-009 - The Accelerators / The Zatopeks - Split
1 - The Accelerators - I Dont Want To Know - mp3
2 - The Accelerators - Kicked In The Front Of My Head
3 - The Zatopeks - Scum On The River - mp3
4 - The Zatopeks - Amy Tonight
The Accelerators kick off the 7" with two fast and snotty tunes with great sing along vocals in the vein of Screeching Weasel and The Queers, if you got you hands on "My Baby Is An Undertaker" this record will give you exactly what you want but showing the bands great new direction. Ox really nailed his vocals in these recordings.

Then you go from A to Z with the Zatopeks who are playing two infectious songs in there rare but amazing style of PunkRock'n'Roll. They have perfected what they do and im sure after hearing it you will agree.

First Pressing - 500 Black 7"
Art and Layout by Adam Alive

sold out

SJR-008 - Kepi Ghoulie/Flav Giorgini - Split - 7'' ()
SJR-008 -  Kepi Ghoulie/Flav Giorgini - Split
1 - Kepi Ghoulie - Wolf Girl
2 - Kepi Ghoulie - Back To The Garage
3 - Flav Giorgini - Run Away - mp3
4 - Flav Giorgini - Fight To Breathe - mp3
Split acoustic record from two of the greatest names in pop punk. Kepi Ghoulie from the Groovie Ghoulies and Flav Giorgini from Squirtgun

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